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How to add photos

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  1. Go to KiwiSchools Central and login using your school email address
  2. Click Website on the left hand side of the page
  3. To create a gallery of images click Manage Galleries
  4. Click New Gallery
  5. Give it a Title and Create
  6. To add images to the gallery click the edit button for the gallery you have created
  7. Drag and drop or upload images - Images will appear below this box when uploaded
  8. Click save. This will create the gallery but not add it to your site. (See adding gallery instructions under Manage Pages)
  9. To Edit your pages click Manage Pages under website on the left hand side of the page
  10. Click edit on the page you want to edit
  11. Add or change content, add an attachment or add a gallery here. Galleries are represented by a short code similar to this [envira-slider id="2314"]. To remove a Gallery from your site just remove this code
  12. Click Save
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