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How to use Newsletter Builder

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  • Open Newsletter builder on the left-hand side of the page
  • Choose blocks to add to your newsletter. Drag the blocks over to the newsletter until you see a blue line. This is where the block will be dropped.
    1. A text box behaves like a doc - add columns, images, change font etc
    2. An image block allows you to add an image and ensures it is centered correctly. Adjust the size of the image by changing either the width or height. Padding will add space around the image. 
    3. A column block is empty until you add either a text box or image box to each column. To change the size of the columns click the pencil on the right of the block and change the column size
    4. Image, text, and column blocks can have a border added. Just add a number into the border-box and choose a colour by clicking the black square. To add rounded corners add a number to the radius box. 
    5. Text boxes can have a background colour. Go to style and click in the white square below Background colour. 
    6. A divider block adds a line to the page
    7. A space block adds a space. Good to use between text blocks
  • When you have finished working on your newsletter for the day go to Send and Save. You will need to do this every time you work on the newsletter to ensure it saves. 
  • When the newsletter is finished then click Save, Preview, Send a test to yourself and when you are happy Send out to Mailing List. This action will send the newsletter to the mailing list, to the app and embed the newsletter on the website. 
  • If you make a mistake and don't want to resend you can use the Website Only button to replace the online copy. 
  • Next time you go to create a newsletter you can just overwrite the one that is there. When you send the new newsletter to your mailing list it will move the last one to the right and put the new one in the first position. 


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