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KiwiSchools Central Explained

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What is KiwiSchools Central?

KiwiSchools Central is a total management system for your Website, App, and e-Newsletters.

What can I do in KiwiSchools Central?

  • Edit existing website pages
  • Add new website pages
  • Add photos/galleries
  • Add posts/messages to the newsfeed/newsflash section of your homepage

  • Send push notifications to your parent community
  • Update your staff list on both the app and website

  • Update your mailing list
  • Distribute a Simple Newsletter (as an attachment or text-based message) to your mailing list
  • Build and distribute engaging e-Newsletters within our dedicated drag-and-drop Newsletter Builder. This is available to customers who have subscribed to this service. To find out more contact us at

  • Manage and authorise who can edit your website, send out notifications and build newsletters

Support Tickets
  • Directly log a support ticket with KiwiSchools
  • View your open and past tickets

  • Work through the step by step tutorials on how to use KiwiSchools Central

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